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T-Con Boards

Panasonic/Vizio 6871L-2836E (6870C-0402C) T-Con Board TC-L55ET5 M3D550KD


180-Day Warranty!

Part Type: T-Con Board, LCD Controller, Control Board, CTRL Board, Timing Control

Part Number: 6871L-2836E1

Location: 0A2

Additional Board Numbers: 6870C-0402C

Interchangeable Parts: 6871L-2836B, 6871L-2754F, 6871L-2754G, 6871L-2836A, 6871L-2754B, 6871L-2944A, 6871L-2944B, 6871L-2836F, 6871L-2754D, 6871L-2842C, 6871L-2944D, 6871L-2842F, 75030412

Notice: Partial part number (2836E) can be found stamped on the board. Horizontal lines on the screen are normally never caused by a bad T-con board. Horizontal lines indicate a defective LCD panel.

Compatible TV Models:





Type: t-con

Vendor: Panasonic

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